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Take your first step to contribute protecting the environment with Ewig221

Perfect flip-flops to care both your feet and the environment Guess how many pairs of shoes the US population discards annually. Three hundred million pairs. The decomposition of the shoes in landfills takes 30 to 40 years. However, the pollution is not just caused by discarded shoes. The environment is contaminated by factory fumes and chemicals from leftover dyes when tons of shoes are produced. Is there any way for us to keep our planet green? Presenting Ewig221, a sustainable flip-flop

Top Trends to Follow for Spring 2016

With each passing season old trends disappear and new ones come to fruition. Many times, new, seasonal trends are a unique twist on a classic or a throwback to an old trend that is once again, growing in popularity. After the cold and rainy weather of fall and winter, the sunshine spring brings with it is a welcomed relief. As such, most people are ready to ditch their warm winter coats and boots in exchange for casual dresses, floral patterns, and strappy sandals. If you are ready to start

Now you’ll find more than just coupons at Groupon

If you love a discount you're going to love what Groupon has become. The popular deal-a-day coupon and voucher shop did a ton of business in its early years, but with increased competition from social media and other sites, it's learned to be a lot more creative. Check out Groupon's website now and you'll see that it's now a fantastic resource for all kinds of business-related information. It's basically a library of all the shops, restaurants and services in your area, and it still offers great

How to save big on new clothes and back-to-school supplies!

One thing every fashionista can attest to loving is surely saving money. Today, we've got a great cost-saving tip for you, Groupon Coupons, especially on things like clothing, makeup, school supplies, etc. There are well more than 9,000+ different on-line retailers to choose from that offer big money-saving benefits via coupons, and the best part is that you don’t even have to sign up for any annoying or spammy lists to take full advantage of all of the benefits. You can save a

How to dress for a day at the races!

With race season well underway, you very well may have made plans to go to several equestrian events this year. However, showing up at the track in your everyday clothes is not an option at many meets, as formal dress codes that have defined this sports over the generations have endured to the present day. Wondering how to dress for a day at the races? This post will unlock the secrets to standing out at these classic events... Floral print dresses are hot this year While dressing sharp will

Fitness and fashion: look good and feel good this summer

Getting fit has never been more fashionable. It is a lot easier to stick to fitness goals if you can look good and be comfortable in the process. Men and women are realizing just how important fitness is to their overall health and wellbeing. Getting started on a fitness routine can be difficult for people since many are so busy. Here are some tips that will help you get started designing your fitness and fashion wardrobe and help you succeed at your goals: Comfort is important and fashionable It

Autumn Accessories to Compliment Your Style in 2014

This fall, you've found yourself with a little bit of extra cash in your bank account. As a result of this fortunate financial occurrence, you've decided to dedicate your unexpected windfall towards updating your look, which had been sadly neglected over the past few years of belt tightening. Over that time, much has changed in the rapidly shifting world of fashion. From using a symbol of life to stand fast against the steady retreat of light in these darkening days, to glamming up a bag that

Summer Fashion Trends for 2014!

With the balmy months of summer nearly upon us, 2014 is proving to be an interesting year for fashion. This is particularly the case in regards to clothing that is meant for the active individual. Thanks to modern technology and a truly progressive sense of fashion, we should expect nothing less than a season defined by some truly stunning outerwear and gym attire. So, what can we expect to see in the months ahead and how is this clothing set to take the fitness and exercise world by storm? "Smart"

5 Cute Tips For Your Baby’s Christening Outfit

A Christening is the process of presenting you precious bundle of joy, it is a baby’s first public appearance to the world and it means a lot to the parents, friends, relatives and a big deal to the baby. The baby will never have any memories of anything that happened on this day, but the memorable pictures and video recordings you make of this day will be appreciated long into the future. For such an important occasion, a baby needs to be in her best, it is at this thought that most people

Wardrobe Basics For Teens

Fashion, especially for teenagers, can be expensive. With the latest fashion trends changing daily it seems as if all your hard earned money is spent on new clothes. Instead of recreating your wardrobe with each new fashion craze, purchase high quality wardrobe basics that you can add to with trendy accessories. Changing only a few pieces such as a pair of earrings or a scarf with the seasons, or latest trend, will save you a lot of money while keeping you fashion forward! Items to invest