Autumn Accessories to Compliment Your Style in 2014

Recently, the models of Milan and NYC highlighted the Autumn accessories for 2014 ... here is what we like.

This fall, you’ve found yourself with a little bit of extra cash in your bank account. As a result of this fortunate financial occurrence, you’ve decided to dedicate your unexpected windfall towards updating your look, which had been sadly neglected over the past few years of belt tightening.

Over that time, much has changed in the rapidly shifting world of fashion. From using a symbol of life to stand fast against the steady retreat of light in these darkening days, to glamming up a bag that had previously been the territory of jock types among us, there is much to like about the current crop of autumn accessories in 2014.

Here’s what to watch out for…


Floral corsages

It may not make sense to some to have flowers comprising one’s look in a season where many plants are slowly dying off, but others prefer to rebel against this trend by wearing a symbol of life even as the world moves towards winter.

In keeping with the time of year, many of these corsages are composed of flowers that match the colors of the season, with red, orange and yellow bloom predominating among models wearing them during their strolls down the catwalk in recent weeks.


A single attention grabbing earring

When most gals put their favorite adornments in their ears, it may look fabulous within the first few weeks of getting them, but before long they fade into the background of their overall look, as many other design elements overpower them.

Additionally, so many women wear earrings on both ends, that it makes it extraordinarily easy to stand out by simply wearing a single earring. An exclamation point to your style can be made by selecting a piece that speaks to your true character, and placing it on one ear only (the left is usually the favored ear, but pick the right side if that’s what suits you).


The practical backpack finally becomes stylish

While you’ve always admired the practicality of having a small backpack to take with you on your daily commute, you couldn’t stand being seen on the D Train with the ugly monstrosities that dominate the market.

However, leading designers have finally turned their full attention to making this accessory glamorous, with many recent brands turning out bags made of genuine leather, flashy colors and shapes, and other looks that deviate from the sporty/outdoorsy look that have repelled you from this accessory for so long.

The USA is a fashion hub for autumn wear (given they actually have this season!). Clothes are also very affordable there for name brands. If you want to take a shopping trip there, make sure you apply for a visa before entering to ensure you can shop till ya drop once you’re in. Good luck!