How to Improve Your Home Life

Owning your own home is a goal that many people aim for, once they have their own place there is very often a different reality waiting for them then what they had previously planned. Ideas of regular parties and gatherings, a comfortable, warm and tidy home are how most people envisage their home life. Unfortunately what happens more often than not are that the time constraints of everyday life means that the dream life at home that many of us have is sacrificed as a result of life’s daily pressures.

A recent survey carried out by furniture store IKEA has revealed some interesting results about the reality of home life compared with the expectations of many and we want to share with you some ways to improve your life at home.


Eating With Company

There is something really rewarding about cooking a meal for family and friends and enjoying it together, in the survey 79% stated that they cook to feel more at home but 42% said that they lack the time to do this everyday. The key to this is planning ahead of time, getting everyone together in the same place at a time that fits around everyone’s schedules can be tricky so make sure you give people a few weeks notice. When it comes to the meal itself, keep the food simple to reduce stress, there are several one-pot dishes that you can prepare like chile or pasta that are easy to make and tasty to eat. Planning is the key to eating with company more often.

Having a Welcoming Home

Everyone would love to have a catalogue picture-style home but unfortunately for many there simply isn’t enough time to keep your home looking perfect all the time. Many people will opt to use their day off to give the house a good clean and tidy and whilst this has a huge impact, you will be better served by spending 30 minutes each day giving the mess a once over. If you get into the habit of cleaning daily then you will start becoming more conscious of the mess you leave and start avoiding it resulting in you needing to clean less altogether. In terms of making your home welcoming, don’t worry about the amount of space you have in the home, just focus on making that space as comfortable as possible, whether you use comfortable furnishings or prefer to leave some open space is up to you, remember that it is your home and you don’t need to emulate what you see in the magazines, whatever you feel is comfortable.

Using Technology

Despite its numerous benefits, technology in the home also has its problems, televisions for example often restrict conversations, the likes of social media and the usage of tablets and mobiles present the same problems and often lead people to isolate themselves. Interestingly, the IKEA survey found that 23% of the people asked felt that reliable wi-fi was more important than space to socialize. Consider setting up a room in the house for technology such as games consoles etc. You may feel that a TV is vital to have in the living room but for a more inclusive feeling home, try not to centre your living room around the television. It may have its advantages but often, and somewhat ironically, technology can kill communication.

To support the survey results, IKEA released this inspirational video to help you deal with the expectations of home living.