5 Cute Tips For Your Baby’s Christening Outfit

Cute tips for the perfect Christening outfit

A Christening is the process of presenting you precious bundle of joy, it is a baby’s first public appearance to the world and it means a lot to the parents, friends, relatives and a big deal to the baby. The baby will never have any memories of anything that happened on this day, but the memorable pictures and video recordings you make of this day will be appreciated long into the future.

For such an important occasion, a baby needs to be in her best, it is at this thought that most people peruse numerous shops seeking the best christening outfit for the baby. Some families have heirloom gowns passed from generation to generation that may need fittings and accessorizing done. Everyone wants their baby to appear cute and adorable on such occasions. Here are some top tips from www.littledoves.co.uk to help make your baby’s outfit cute:


Ribbons have been in use as accessories for ages and it is because they come in different sizes and attractive colors that can be chosen to match with a baby’s outfit. During a special occasion such as a baby’s christening, printed ribbons can be used to improve the baby’s appearance. Depending on the size of the baby’s hair you may need to accessorize it with colorful ribbons matching the christening dress. Ribbons offer a simple and affordable accessory to add to a baby’s attire, they are easy to cut and fold into desirable shapes and sizes to make a baby look cute.


Ribbons may be fantastic for babies with longer hair but if the baby has short hair, then head bands would be the next best option. Head bands are fun and cute accessories that change a baby’s appearance in a huge way. Most babies at a tender age may not have hair on their head and the use of a head band especially during christening will avoid questions as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl. They are popular among girls and even babies and you can find them in local stores or make your own.


Bonnets have been worn for centuries by all kinds of people, nowadays they are worn by military personnel and for religious or academic occasions. They are also worn by toddlers to protect them from elements of nature. Depending on the season and the weather during your baby’s christening, it is advisable to accessorize the outfit with a cute bonnet for protection and warmth.


We all know babies are cute but can be pretty messy no matter the occasion. It is therefore important to put on them protective bibs to protect the precious christening gown. Buy from local stores or make your own bib that complements the baby’s outfit.


Christening shoes make any baby appear cute; they come in neat little sizes and shapes and with different designs for both boys and girls. Whether the baby’s christening outfit is an heirloom or new, cute shoes make a whole lot of difference.