Take your first step to contribute protecting the environment with Ewig221

Perfect flip-flops to care both your feet and the environment

Guess how many pairs of shoes the US population discards annually. Three hundred million pairs. The decomposition of the shoes in landfills takes 30 to 40 years. However, the pollution is not just caused by discarded shoes. The environment is contaminated by factory fumes and chemicals from leftover dyes when tons of shoes are produced. Is there any way for us to keep our planet green?

Presenting Ewig221, a sustainable flip-flop that will protect the environment. Since it is constructed of TPE material, which can be melted down and reused again, ewig221 is completely recyclable. The modular structure of the flip-flops makes assembly and disassembly easy. To continue wearing the shoes, just replace the damaged component. Additionally, no chemicals, such as glue and other similar substances, are used in the production process, which is also advantageous for the environment. Ewig221 has exceptional durability. The flip-flop strap from Ewig221 is sturdy and able to endure the physical force of even the most powerful adults.

With Ewig2121, you can save the environment and express your color to the world. You have a choice of five colors: black, creamy white, beige, blue, and orange. Each shoe’s component may be colored differently to reflect your personality. You will have the impression that you already own numerous pairs of shoes and don’t require any more purchases. The Eden Project will receive the promised financial support for the color customization add-ons (nongovernmental organization).

The product’s sole is structured like an arch to keep the foot comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time, and a heel cushioning system is integrated to the heel part to absorb the impact of the heel from continuous walking. Ewig221 is a fantastic choice if your foot health is important to you. You may adjust the heel cushion to the desired amount of elasticity because it is detachable and is available in product with various degrees of elasticity.

Meet Ewig221, your very own custom flipflops that can save the earth, available on Kickstarter!