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How to override the karmic laws – secrets from Shakuntali Siberia

Have you ever noticed that some bad events happen with your lineage like running in a circle? Recurring illnesses, problems within spouses, financial difficulties… All this usually happens because of the karmic laws. From our ancestors, we receive not only eye and hair colors but also their problems that are handed down from generation to generation. Is it possible to start all over again and erase all past negativity? Shakuntali Siberia will show you the way. The family tree The contemporary

How to Improve Your Home Life

Owning your own home is a goal that many people aim for, once they have their own place there is very often a different reality waiting for them then what they had previously planned. Ideas of regular parties and gatherings, a comfortable, warm and tidy home are how most people envisage their home life. Unfortunately what happens more often than not are that the time constraints of everyday life means that the dream life at home that many of us have is sacrificed as a result of life's daily pressures. A

Ready to Pop the Question? Here Are Some Engagement Ring Budget Tips

While you can’t buy love, you can buy an engagement ring—and most likely will once you find the one person you are ready to spend your life with. However, buying an engagement ring can set you back a couple months’ salary, as engagement rings are an expensive financial investment. Deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring can be difficult, as there are many pros and cons to consider, including what your future fiancee has dreamed of in terms of ring style and cut and future financial

New film supports the right of Chinese women to decide if and when to marry

  In the developed world, many take the gains that women have attained as universal around the globe. However, things aren't quite the same in nations like China, as societal norms in nations like these have conspired to hold women back from realizing their full life potential. In China, the pressure is immense for young women to get married to men at a very young age. If they get to the age of 25 without being joined in eternal matrimony to any man, society at large deems these ladies

Will a Baby Be Part of Your 2016?

Is this the year that you finally are fortunate enough to bring a much desired baby into the world? For many couples, that cherished child has been elusive over the years, be it due to infertility, finances, or a host of other reasons. As a result, their lives feel incomplete at times. By finding the right fertility center, however, that can change. As more couples are discovering over time, choosing the right fertility center and the treatments that go with it, can lead to a newborn, a

Enjoy big savings when you stay in shape with Groupon

The cost of living in the USA is generally lower than in most other developed countries, thanks to the amount of home-grown food we produce and the fact that many states don't add on any sales tax. But it's a different story when it comes to services, due to the high cost that people demand for their time. You can counts things like fitness courses and gym memberships as "services" too. They're often very expensive, so much so that they're a "luxury" for many people. But staying in shape doesn't

Summer Fashion Trends for 2014!

With the balmy months of summer nearly upon us, 2014 is proving to be an interesting year for fashion. This is particularly the case in regards to clothing that is meant for the active individual. Thanks to modern technology and a truly progressive sense of fashion, we should expect nothing less than a season defined by some truly stunning outerwear and gym attire. So, what can we expect to see in the months ahead and how is this clothing set to take the fitness and exercise world by storm? "Smart"

Wardrobe Basics For Teens

Fashion, especially for teenagers, can be expensive. With the latest fashion trends changing daily it seems as if all your hard earned money is spent on new clothes. Instead of recreating your wardrobe with each new fashion craze, purchase high quality wardrobe basics that you can add to with trendy accessories. Changing only a few pieces such as a pair of earrings or a scarf with the seasons, or latest trend, will save you a lot of money while keeping you fashion forward! Items to invest

How to Create Your Own Personal Style

Your youth is all about finding ways to fit in right? Not Really! It’s important for you to find yourself. Before you can create your style you have to find yourself to figure out your style! The first step to developing your own style is to know what you like and what looks good on you. How is your hair? Great smile? Skin to die for? Beautiful eyes? Legs that go on for miles? Choose what you love the most about yourself and work with that to get started! Sample your style, start fresh!

How to Do Your Makeup Perfectly, Every Time!

The perfect makeup look is allusive to most girls. There are many different face shapes, sizes, and skin tones which are all factors in how you should be applying your makeup. By simply learning how to apply your makeup properly you are going to improve your appearance and self-esteem. Each woman has to decide which color scheme work best for her, but after that the application process is typically the same for everyone. Using the following easy application techniques you can learn to apply your