How to override the karmic laws – secrets from Shakuntali Siberia

Have you ever noticed that some bad events happen with your lineage like running in a circle? Recurring illnesses, problems within spouses, financial difficulties… All this usually happens because of the karmic laws. From our ancestors, we receive not only eye and hair colors but also their problems that are handed down from generation to generation. Is it possible to start all over again and erase all past negativity? Shakuntali Siberia will show you the way.

The family tree

The contemporary way of life usually narrows down the circle that you consider to be your family. With few exceptions, we call our family just our parents, children, grandparents, partner, brothers and sisters. That’s all. Our distant relatives, especially those who  live far away from us are usually not taken into account as persons who may influence us. But the truth is that we may even not meet this distant relative but he/she may affect our life greatly. In fact, you are affected by all the members of your lineage, even those who are dead for hundreds of years by now. And this influence is much deeper than you could even imagine.
There are few wise men on this Earth now and on the Siberian lands, one of them is Shakuntali Siberia. She is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess and a temple priestess. Shakuntali Siberia possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. Shakuntali Siberia can tell every person so much about his/her lineage as well as of the possibilities to get rid of the negative inheritance. She never considers a person alone but together with all their ancestors from the beginning of the lineage. In Shakuntali Siberia’s view, the linage is a tree with the distant ancestors as its roots, all the living relatives as its trunk and children and all the future descendants as its twigs.

It’s all in your past

Many people come to Shakuntali Siberia with the hope to solve their problems in life. They are almost never aware of the fact that their problems can be rooted maybe hundreds of years away. Everybody has difficulties in life, but some of them can ruin the whole lineage. Alcohol addiction, job failures, financial problems, marital misfortune – all this is transferred from generation to generation. It may be translated not in the same misfortunes but can result in illnesses or other troubles.
Shakuntali Siberia always sees the root of the problem of the person who came. She gives personal advice, a special practice and exercises that will help a person to purify his/her lineage and get rid of the problem. From that point, the whole lineage will be free from the burden of the past and the future children will be born healthy and happy. Shakuntali Siberia already has hundreds of stories when women came to her at the very difficult time of their lives and were very surprised to learn that the cause of their problems was lying someplace else. After the personal advice from Shakuntali Siberia, the serious illnesses were gone, the financial state improved, all the people around that women, especially their relatives, became more happy and healthy. Harmony and love entered their lives.

Save your lineage

We are usually taught that we are responsible for everything in this life. And all our failures are the result of our mistakes. Partly, it is true but not always. The vast majority of troubles come to our lives automatically as the inheritance from our ancestors. Do you want to purify your lineage and start building a new reality? Visit, make an appointment for an individual session with Shakuntali Siberia or come to her seminars and save your lineage!