How to Create Your Own Personal Style

Your youth is all about finding ways to fit in right? Not Really! It’s important for you to find yourself. Before you can create your style you have to find yourself to figure out your style!

The first step to developing your own style is to know what you like and what looks good on you. How is your hair? Great smile? Skin to die for? Beautiful eyes? Legs that go on for miles? Choose what you love the most about yourself and work with that to get started!
how to create your own personal style

Sample your style, start fresh! Clean your skin to keep it beautiful and hydrated!

Accessories are amazing to track your style! This is a quick and easy change to your style! This is something that can change your look with a simple belt or necklace! This is an easy way to ensure you can add your look to any outfit!

What’s old is new again, this is so true. Check out the vintage shops in your area and pick up a jacket or a purse from the 1970s. Combine the vintage look with your new trendy look and your style now has a cool vintage look.

Your shoes can make a big change to your look. Colorful or strappy, boots or running shoes. Simple changes can make a huge difference in your look!

If your hair is a strong point for you, it may be a huge part of your new style. New styles are simple to learn and even create! Straighten it. Tease it. Wear it up, wear it down or even to the side. Try a low pony tail? Try a top knot bun! There are tons of how to guides online to create any look you can think of!

Choose different makeup blends that enhance your tone and adds to your skin type. Once you have a basis for your face, play around with the colors and make a few risky choices just to see what it looks like. Play with new colors and different styles that highlight any and all of your features to enhance the new you. Try a smoky eye look to give your eyes a completely different look or pick a pink gloss to complete your new look.

Once you find your personal style, make it your own. It will become who you are and how you look. Your new style can incorporate so many different styles and options and your new style can change with you as you grow! Finding and completing your new style can be a lot of fun, just entice it!

Do you have any other tips on how to create your own personal style?